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King Tutankhamen was a boy king (the Living Image of Amen), also known as Nebkheperura (Lord of the Creations of Ra), who lived around 3,300 years ago. He belonged to a civilization that grew from the heart of Africa. The land of Tut's dynasty was populated from the base of the Nile waters and the S..
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In Kemet (ancient Egypt), the lion has been the symbol of Goddesses (Sekhmet and Bastet) and Gods (Maahes or Mahes). It represents strength and fierceness. The lion is the king of the animals, but he's also the animal of the kings of Kemet and he's connected, in particular, to the goddesses, man..
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Jazz improvisation is the process of spontaneously creating fresh melodies. The trick to Jazz improvisation is playing music with both spontaneous creativity and intentional conviction. Proudly pay respect to four of the masters of Jazz. Miles, Bird, Trane and Dizzy. "In Jazz, improvisation isn't..
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Mindset, loving yourself, visualization, goal setting, the time is now and connecting with like minds. The word Hero, comes from the God Heru. I grant myself the strength to conquer my own battles against chaos. You possess the power of renewal, the creative power to restore yourself. Transformin..
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