Protection and Eternal Life T-shirt

Protection and Eternal Life T-shirt

Pectoral and Necklace of Sithathoryunet with the Name of Senwosret II

Sithathoryunet (pronounced Sit-Hathor-Iunet), her name means "daughter of Hathor of Dendera."

This jewelry (1887-1878 BCE) piece bears the name of the King Senwosret II, at the top in the center. The King's relationship to the owner of the necklace, a princess named Sithathoryunet, said to be her father and grandparent of, Amenemhat II. The symbols has two images of falcons representing Heru (protection), two Ankhs (life), suspended from cobras whose tails are wound around the sun and a tadpole (resurrection). Symbols of the sun god, clasps a circular symbols meaning "encircled," thus declaring the solar deity's supreme power over the universe.

These snakes represent Nekhbet and Udjo, the traditional protector goddesses of the king. Supporting the royal cartouche is the kneeling god Heh clutching two palm ribs symbolizing "millions of years." Thus the king's life and existence in time are described as part of a universe created and sustained by the supreme sun god.

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